15.2 million meth tablets seized in Northern checkpoint stops

A collection of drug traffickers stopped at checkpoints in and around Chiang Rai over the last week has netted a total of 15.2 million meth drugs found and seized by police. Yesterday the police revealed a series of incidents at checkpoints in the northern area the place police discovered big quantities of methamphetamines hidden inside vehicles.
Several giant busts have been made on January 14 and January 15 that have been simply announced, as properly as a confrontation early this morning that netted 6.6 million meth drugs. The particulars of 4 notably fruitful checkpoint stops are below:
JANUARY 19, 2:30 AM

In Mae Sai district within the early hours of this morning, an Isuzu MU-X SUV blew via a military checkpoint according to the commander of the North Region Drug Suppression Operation Centre. Soldiers stationed there gave chase and managed to catch up and cross the SUV and cease it. Inside they discovered and arrested a 28-year outdated driver from Sing Buri province along with 33 luggage containing 6.6 million meth pills.
JANUARY 15, 7:30 PM

A drug checkpoint in Mae Phrik in Lampang province pulled over a Toyota Rigo and a Toyota Corolla. three males between the ages of 20 and forty two within the cars from Ban Pong district in Ratchaburi were are arrested for transporting 143 packages that have a total of 286,000 meth pills inside.
Copy , eight:30 PM

Police in Khun Tan district silver a Toyota Revo pickup truck and a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. 30 massive baggage with about 6 million meth tablets had been discovered it inside the SUV, leading to the arrest of three males between the ages of 21 and 25, two of which have been from Chiang Rai and one from Phayao.
JANUARY 14, 6:30 PM

In Denchai district of Phrae province, police said an x-ray checkpoint received an odd request. The owner of an Isuzu pickup truck travelling with a driver requested that police search his automobile. He mentioned that a man had paid him 6,000 baht to choose up vegetables from my home in Chiang Rai close to the central Sports Stadium and transport them to Samut Prakan’s Samrong Nua district.
They picked up 30 foam bins but as they have been transporting them, the proprietor felt suspicious so he informed the driver to stop at the X-ray checkpoint. Scans revealed that only 18 of the boxes had greens and that 12 of them beneath the vegetable bins were full of 2.3 million meth tablets.
Police are investigating that strange incident further to attempt to determine who purchased or offered the cache of meth drugs that the truck driver turned caught in the course of..

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