38 Thais evacuated from Ukraine to Bangkok, 58 extra arriving today

Discount of 38 Thai residents evacuated from the Ukraine arrived in Bangkok this morning. Thailand’s embassy in Warsaw, Poland, posted on Facebook yesterday saying one other 58 Thais will arrive noon right now from Warsaw. Those who arrived this morning have been taken to be isolated and an infectious illnesses institute in Nonthaburi. There they anticipate the results of Covid-19 tests beneath Test & Go. The group first traveled by way of Romania and Germany earlier than lastly getting on a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok from Frankfurt, Germany.
The director-general of Thailand’s Consular Affairs Department mentioned 90% of the 250 Thais working within the Ukraine have been evacuated. He said most of them work in spas. He stated 38 Thais within the Ukraine are anticipated to go away tomorrow. The director-general said there are not any more Thais in Kharkiv, which Russia’s army is now closely attacking.
The director-general stated several businesses in Thailand and abroad helped with the evacuation. The embassy in Warsaw stated a coordination centre has been set up to assist Thais safely get to Poland. The director-general added that some Thais need to remain in the Ukraine as a end result of they have household there, or as a outcome of they have issues with paperwork.

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