3three DSI officers and ex-consul of Nauru accused of swindling 10 million baht

Three officers from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and the former consul of the Nauru Consulate in Thailand reportedly swindled 10 million baht from Chinese nationals suspected of operating illegal companies in Thailand. The accused DSI officers surrendered yesterday.
On December 22 of final year, DSI officers conducted a raid on a residence in Bangkok that served because the Consulate of Nauru in Thailand. The raid was prompted by a tip-off indicating that certain Chinese nationals were using the premises to fabricate counterfeit passports for international individuals.
During the operation, two foreign suspects who have been current in the home managed to evade arrest and subsequently left Thailand. Although the consul was not current on the scene, he was accused of aiding the Chinese criminal syndicate.
Later, a hearsay surfaced suggesting that Thai police officers had launched the suspects in trade for a ten million baht bribe. Following an investigation into the case, this rumour was confirmed to be true, ensuing within the arrest of sixteen individuals from Thai authorities and a Chinese interpreter on charges of bribery.
Upon Smooth , three DSI officers—Trin Pichitkunchorn, Anan Silakote, and Seksan Sawanyathipat—were discovered to be involved in the case. They surrendered themselves yesterday on the Royal Thai Police (RTP) Sports Club and Tung Song Hong Police Station. ThaiRath reported that all three officers denied the allegations and had been granted bail without any security.
Deputy Commissioner of the RTP, Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, revealed that authorities have been unable to trace the 10 million baht trail. Despite the suspects refusing to disclose the truth, there may be proof linking them to criminal actions.
Big Joke further acknowledged that a comprehensive investigation would be conducted to establish other individuals linked to the case. An arrest warrant has already been issued for the former Nauru consul. Further developments and details concerning the case will be disclosed within the upcoming press conference..

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