Bangkok ladies activists call on Prayut to amend Thailand’s maternity go away regulation

On Tuesday, International Women’s Day, networks of women’s rights groups in Bangkok known as on PM Prayut to amend Thailand’s current maternity go away regulation. Under the current legislation, ladies are paid for ninety days of depart. Women’s rights activists need this modified to 98 days. The spokeswoman for the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare said the division will discuss the issue on a panel.
“The prime minister supports ladies being equally treated and receiving benefits from employment”.
The spokeswoman said PM Prayut has closely followed up on amendments. Under the present regulation, employers pay women the primary 45 days of their leave, and the second forty five days is paid by the Social Security Office. The activists now need the SSO to propose a draft authorized modification.
According to in Thailand are part of the 1998 Labour Protection Act. Another maternity benefit from it is that, with a doctor’s certificates, a brief change in a worker’s duties is allowed shortly earlier than and after the child’s delivery. The act also protects ladies from being fired while they’re pregnant.
Thailand at present has no mandatory paternity go away within the non-public sector. In the basic public sector, males are allowed 15 days to take care of new child infants..

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