Camps arrange in Tak for more than 5,000 refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar

The governor of the Tak province, bordering Myanmar, set four momentary camps supporting victims who escaped the escalating violence between the Myanmar navy and the armed wing of the Karen National Union. The camps are all located in Maesot Districts of Tak spreading to four sub-districts together with Mae Tao, Mae Ku, Mahawan, and Phop Phra.
Around Lifetime who fled to Thailand will keep in a safe area until the scenario will get better. Thailand provides humanitarian help by getting ready meals, drinks, and garments as well as medical look after the refugees. Reports say measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are additionally being practiced.
Some of the refugees say the Burmese military’s recent string of attacks in Karen territory by the Thai border started on December 15. Some say bullets have been discovered on Thai soil. Thai troopers made a smoke warning shot as a sign to the Myanmar troops to be careful close to the border. Under the support of the Thailand-Myanmar Township Border Committee, authorities from Naresuan Force raised the issue to Myanmar.
Some Thai residents living alongside the border are concerned with the violence near their homes. Many have left their houses to reside with family members in other areas and are waiting for the situation to be secure..

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