Chao Phraya River in Bangkok still beneath flood ranges

While officials have been warning of floods and overflows downstream from dams, in Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River is luckily nonetheless flowing below the embankment levels with no danger of flooding simply but.
The river that runs through Bangkok has not overflowed into any areas along its banks as the water has not but reached the flood embankment levels as many had feared could occur any time now. But up to now, the water levels remain at 1.58 metres below the height of the embankments.
The Chao Phraya River was measured as flowing at 2,873 cubic metres per second this morning, as reported by Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang.
To Private in Chai Nat province, water officials have been increasing the rate of discharge from the Chao Phraya Dam to keep away from an overflow of rainwater from the north flowing downriver to the dam. Authorities had put out warnings to provinces beneath the dam that the increase in water allowed through the dam may create overflows and floods, especially alongside riverbank communities and low mendacity areas.
In all, 30 provinces have been affected by flooding with 17 nonetheless in dire condition now. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has been visiting flood-stricken areas, and Bangkok has been sandbagging and bracing for potential flooding.
Meanwhile, a brave volunteer in Sukhothai has been using his paramotor to ship supplies to flood victims, whereas the Ministry of Education was lambasted for posting a fake picture with the Deputy Minister of Education badly photoshopped into old floodwaters..

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