Chinese tour group apologised after inflicting hurt to Thai marine life

The serene waters of Ao La on Koh Racha Yai, located south of Phuket, were just lately embroiled in controversy when tourists from a Chinese tour company, Jinyang Holiday Group, engaged in actions dangerous to marine life and surroundings. They posed for pictures with seemingly harmless starfish in hand and ventured onto delicate coral reefs, drawing the ire of native marine officers.
Fast , the top brass of Jinyang Holiday Group made a proper apology for the unsettling incident. Sirikwan Saengravee, the company’s manager, admitted the actions of the vacationers have been inexcusable considering the fragile standing of marine life inside the space.
Saroch Ubonsuwan, the director of the Phuket Marine Resources Conservation Center, and Suthep Chualong, head of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, had promptly reported the incident to the Suthep Police. Law enforcement is presently contemplating pressing charges in opposition to the culprits.
Officials have been first alerted to the incident by way of a submit on the Monsoon Garbage Facebook web page, sparking an instantaneous investigation.
Sirikwan talked about that it now grew to become imperative for the corporate to instruct all their dive instructors to not permit vacationers to interact physically with corals and marine wildlife. She referred to previous cases where Chinese vacationers, enticed by the cute creatures, picked them up for picture classes to share with friends.
“This incident serves as a harsh lesson to us. Jinyang Holiday Group has solely been operational for the past two months… Yesterday marked our inaugural trip,” Sirikwan explained.
Representing the corporate, she expressed their deep regret over the incident, vowing an elevated focus on buyer behaviour in the future.
“While we acknowledge the adverse picture this occasion has solid on both Chinese and Thai people, it has nonetheless introduced us with a priceless lesson. We express our sincerest apologies and wholeheartedly settle for all suggestions,” Sirikwan mentioned.
Apichai Ekvanakun, the Acting Director-General of Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), advocated for marine officers to institute a radical investigation into the incident, insisting on “decisive action.”
He identified that the challenge of vacationers disregarding regulations concerning marine natural resources preservation wasn’t a singular prevalence, significantly when it came to the tourists’ detrimental behaviour.
Apichai careworn the significance of stringent guidelines, which clearly prohibit harmful actions similar to picking at or bodily dismantling any part of the resources, together with corals, sea creatures or animals residing in coral reefs.
“Over time, numerous similar incidents have surfaced. Quick has unambiguously demanded stern motion in response. Many cases have resulted in legal proceedings,” Apichai mentioned.
He underscored the want to encourage tourists to understand nature’s splendour from a secure distance without carelessly dealing with fragile marine life, aiming to sustain these invaluable natural sources..

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