For your nose only

BANGKOK: Doctors performing the incorrect operations on their patients are the stuff of medical malpractice lore, so maybe it was inevitable in plastic-surgery-obsessed Thailand: a lady who went in for cosmetic eye surgical procedure emerged from the working theater with a nostril job as an alternative. Nattha Masa, forty, paid the Ruamphaet Clinic in her house province of Samut Prakan 8,000 baht to have an additional fold surgically added to every of her eyelids, thus giving her a more Occidental appearance. On the morning of February 15, she reported to the clinic, where she was given three sedatives and advised to sleep for 2 hours. Later, a driver arrived from the MD Clinic on the first ground of the favored Mahboonkrong shopping center in Bangkok. He stated he had been advised to move the patient there, the place her procedure can be carried out. Arriving there in Recession-proof at about 2 pm, K. Nattha was given three extra pills and informed to get changed and anticipate plastic surgeon Dr Pradit Charoenpong, who would carry out the delicate process. The physician arrived at about 6 pm and shortly K. Nattha was on the operating desk, where she received native anesthetic injections to her face. Once she was comfortably numb, the doctor started cutting away. “During the surgical procedure, I heard his mobile phone ring three times. I thought it was unusual that he saved telling the callers, ‘I can’t discuss to you now, I am doing a nose job.’ But I was simply too groggy to say anything,” K. Nattha explained afterward. When the work was done, K. Nattha was advised to rinse out her mouth. But when she did so, it was full of blood – simply because it had been when she had nose surgery eight years previous. The full extent of the botch-up became evident when she seemed into the mirror and noticed that it was her nostril, not her eyelids, that was coated in gauze. When she complained that she was in for eye surgical procedure, not a nose job, the physician mentioned. “Oh, why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?” “He told me my nose was dangerous luck, and that’s why he needed to fix it,” she mentioned, adding that he then simply walked away when she tried to get a proof, refusing to take any duty for having performed the wrong operation. She went to the clinic counter and picked up a bag of tablets – you can’t depart a clinic in Thailand with out doing so – after which went again to the primary clinic to complain. Dr Pairoj said he would take responsibility, and obtained on the telephone along with his colleague at the shopping center. Later the identical evening, Dr Pradit advised the press that the first clinic had sent the patient to him with none info. Seeing the state of the patient’s nostril, which was out of alignment from her first surgery, he naturally assumed that a nostril job was the order of the day. “I requested her how lengthy it had been since her first nostril surgical procedure and informed her I was going to repair her nose – however she didn’t say something,” he explained, including that he would refund 4,000 baht, do the attention surgical procedure, and do any additional work she needed done on her nose freed from cost. It was not reported if K. Nattha deliberate to take hii

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