Lampang woman wins one hundred,000 baht lottery, credit six-year faith in revered Kai Kaew

A woman from Lampang, northern Thailand, elatedly claimed a hundred,000 baht in lottery winnings. According to sources, she attributed her luck to blessings from Kru Kai Kaew, an admired spiritual teacher, at Thep Prathan Phorn’s place of worship. The girl disclosed her six-year religion in Kai Kaew before the lottery outcome announcement.
Smooth sailing is reported that the lucky girl received the fifth prize lottery – five tickets, each worth 20,000 baht (US$562), summing as a lot as a complete prize fund of one hundred,000 baht (US$2,812).
Kru Kai Kaew, considered a sacred particular person, is housed at Thep Prathan Phorn’s place of worship on Thakraw Noi Road, Sop Tui subdistrict, Mueang Lampang district. The place is known for housing revered individuals and sacred objects, over ten in whole. These embody revered monks like Luang Por Kasem Kemago, Por Poo Payanak, Pra Pikanesuan, Phraya See Hoo Ha Ta, Phya Khrut, Phra Raahoo, Maha Thep Trimumurti, Thao Wessuwon, Pu Ruesee, and Kru Kai Kaew, reported KhaoSod.
The lucky woman, 39 yr outdated Patchana Yamano from Lampang, shared her story about her and her associates understanding Kru Kai Kaew for six years. Before its institution in Lampang, they used to go for blessings in Chiang Mai and Lamphun.
With Thep Prathan Phorn’s place of worship becoming out there, they made it their regular pitstop for seeking luck and fortune. On the day of the lottery outcome, she and her pals visited the place as it was gaining popularity. She purchased a set of five lottery tickets and three single tickets, choosing her favourite numbers. When the lottery numbers were announced, Patchana excitedly and loudly claimed her winnings of the fifth lottery prize with those 5 tickets.
In addition to this, it was revealed that others additionally struck lottery luck after visiting other sacred individuals at the palace.
An nameless man mentioned he gained the fourth prize within the recent lottery, having sought blessings from Por Poo Payanak.
A husband and spouse couple claimed a lottery win from their automobile registration quantity, leading to a sum of 10,000 baht. These situations reinforce the non-public perception in the blessings at Thep Prathan Phorn’s place of worship.
The palace has been formally blessing devotees since December 8, last year and has been open around the clock for about eight months..

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