Pattaya man dies after receiving beating, attacker says he didn’t mean to kill him

A man was arrested for allegedly beating a person to demise at a home in Pattaya. The suspect claims he didn’t intend to kill the sufferer. When Nongprue police and local media got to the scene, they discovered the physique of 44 year previous Run Thongnak with bruises all around the face and physique.
Run’s girlfriend, identified only as Namtip, advised the police that her boyfriend was extremely drunk and they have been arguing. She claims Run was jealous of her ex-boyfriend. Gift says out of the blue, 25 year outdated Eakkasit Chinklang, attacked Run. It’s unclear if Eakkasit is a friend of the couple’s or not, but Namptop says he is not the ex-boyfriend they had been arguing about.
Namptip and Eakkasit took Run to the hospital and Run later left the hospital, saying he was “fine” and that the medical doctors gave him paracetamol earlier than sending him house, she says. The subsequent morning, Namtip discovered Run lifeless.
Eakkasit was later arrested by the police. He allegedly informed police that Run was very drunk so Eakkasit told him to go home and stop arguing with his girlfriend. He adds that run turned down the suggestion, so Eakkasit attacked him as a result of he refused to cease arguing with Namtip
“Yes, I attacked him as he refused to go away Namthip alone, however I didn’t imply to kill him. I even helped take him to the hospital. If I wished to kill him why would I assist in bringing him for medical care?”
The police say they’ll continue to research the matter and add that Eakkasit has been fully cooperative. They concluded their statement by saying they haven’t determined if Eakkasit shall be charged or what he could be charged with..

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