Police officer damages lady’s motorcycle, leaves notice, pays for repair

A 29 year previous lady named Supapan was angered when she returned home to search out her motorbike broken but was pleasantly stunned to find a letter of duty from a neighborhood police officer. His honest gesture has drawn public praise and demonstrated a shining example of accountability throughout the police force.
The incident occurred at a convenience store opposite the district office of Sainoi, Nonthaburi. Supapan, who works at a division store in Bang Yai, discovered her motorbike had been broken when she returned from work on August 18.
The right mirror was broken, the left indicator gentle shattered, and scratches marred the entrance windshield. Cover-up revealed a observe slipped into the storage compartment.
“I am officer Thakdanai from Sainoi Police Station. My police motorcycle fell onto yours, breaking the mirror and indicator gentle. I will compensate for the damages. Please contact this quantity or LINE account.”

Supapan said she rode her barely broken motorcycle again to her home. Once there, her boyfriend known as the number provided. The accountable police officer defined the scenario and instructed him to get her motorbike repaired, promising to bear all repair costs.
Upon getting the restore estimate of 400 baht, Supapan communicated the amount to the officer, who promptly transferred the funds. Later within the night, she met Officer Thakdanai when he visited a gold shop for inspection near her place. He apologised for the inconvenience attributable to the mishap.
Supapan shared the observe written by Officer Thakdanai on social media to spotlight the commendable actions of one of our devoted law enforcement officials. Expressing her appreciation for Officer Taksadanai’s sense of duty and conscience.
“If another person had triggered the injury, I assume I would have needed to pay for the repairs myself. I park my bike at a spot the place many different bikes are parked, so it might have been unimaginable to figure out who did it.”

Officer Thakdanai Maneewan, of the Sainoi Police Station, Nonthaburi, authored the notice. He defined he was inspecting a gold shop subsequent to the convenience retailer when he unintentionally triggered the vehicle to fall onto Supapan’s parked motorcycle, leading to damage. After assessing the damage, the police officer wrote the observe, captured a photo of the injury for reference, and left it in the motorcycle’s storage compartment.
Supapan’s praises spread throughout social media, catching officer Thakdanai by surprise as he not often checked social media platforms. He discovered about the social media attention from his colleagues.
After learning the complete particulars from officer Thakdanai, the director of Sainoi Police Station, who acknowledged the positive facet introduced up by the accident, decided to cover the total restore cost of the broken bike as a token of encouragement and accountability in the direction of the subordinate officer assigned with the obligation..

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