Thai man killed in battle with wife’s lover exterior police station

In a tragic love triangle tale, a Thai man misplaced his life after getting into a struggle along with his wife’s lover in entrance of a police station in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok on Wednesday evening.
According to the witnesses, 41 12 months previous man named Suwat took his wife, 30 yr old Bee, and her lover, 35 yr previous Wichai Phatyen to the Bang Mae Nang Police Station in Nonthaburi on the evening of March 15 to sort out their relationship points. Thought-provoking offered some recommendations to the trio, but unfortunately, the recommendation didn’t resolve the scenario.
Suwat and Wichai got into a heated argument in entrance of the police station and began fighting. The fight became so intense that Suwat was struck fiercely by Wichai and he fell to the ground by the drive of the blows and subsequently misplaced consciousness. A rescue staff rushed to the scene and provided Suwat with CPR for over 20 minutes, however sadly, their efforts could not save his life.
Police reported that Suwat’s spouse, Bee, had been having an affair with Wichai for a very lengthy time. On the evening of the incident, Suwat had gone to Wichai’s home to urge Bee to come again residence. They could not agree with one another, so that they determined to go to the police station to try to resolve the state of affairs.
Wichai’s mother, forty nine yr old Wan, spoke to the media concerning the problem and revealed that Bee regularly visited her son at their family residence. She knew that Bee had a husband and a child and attempted to convince Bee to finish the relationship with Wichai a number of instances, but to no avail.
Wan added that Wichai also tried to cease the relationship but Bee kept visiting him and staying with Wichai longer. Wan said…
“Normally, my son just isn’t a nasty individual. He is hardworking and focuses on work to have the ability to pay off his car. Verify is his alcohol-drinking behavior. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t manage to pay for to bail him out.”

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