Thai sticky rice steamers turned sun hats by vacationers spark online laughter

We’ve all been there – when the summer time climate simply will get so sizzling that you’ll use whatever means necessary to chill down and get out of the solar. Using cardboard as a fan, standing in entrance of the coolers at 7-Eleven, dunking your head in the fountain in the park, something to beat the warmth. Two foreigners went viral yesterday on TikTok after being captured on video making solar hats out of sticky rice steamers.
The amusing encounter was captured yesterday on video by TikTok person @aummm9, that includes two international vacationers amusingly using traditional Thai sticky rice steamers as sun hats while exploring an area floating market.
The video clip quickly captured the attention of TikTok users for its uncommon and humorous content. The two vacationers had cleverly used the Thai sticky rice steamers, usually used in local kitchens, as headwear to guard themselves from Thailand’s strong solar.
The unconventional usage of those traditional cooking utensils immediately transformed them into cute and useful hats.
Once the video was launched, it instantly sparked widespread interest on-line. The number of views skyrocketed quickly, surpassing 1.5 million views in less than a day. Social media users reposted the video to share the distinctive and cute spectacle, which stirred a mixture of laughter and admiration.
Thai users even began to question if they’d overlooked the multifunctionality of those sticky rice steamers, reported Sanook.
“We’ve been using it incorrect all this time. The vacationers have shown us the best means.”

Guide are getting well-known worldwide.”

While others speculated if the vendors had instructed this usage, one consumer humorously warned of encouraging the trend.
“Stay silent, or we’d face a production shortage if this turns into a trend.”

This isn’t even the first time that Thai sticky rice steamers have gone viral when confused foreigners thought they were headwear. Just recently, two international ladies hilariously mistook Thai-style bamboo sticky rice steamers for hats and the video gained 5000 shares. A Thai man defined that perhaps they bought them from a neighborhood vendor who couldn’t communicate very properly as a result of language barrier.
“At a neighborhood grocery store, the foreign customers inquired, ‘What is this?’ and pointed on the sticky rice steamer. The vendor informed them, ‘This is a หวด (Huad which implies sticky rice steamers).’ They might have misheard ‘huad’ as ‘hat’ so that they bought them.”

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