Tragic slam: Son’s stabbing spree leaves father lifeless in Bangkok suburb

A man brutally stabbed his father greater than 10 instances for slamming the door until he in the end succumbed to extreme injuries at a home in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok. The assassin is suspected to have mental well being issues.
Bizarre responded to the stabbing incident and investigation the scene at 10pm final evening. The crime scene was at a single-storey house in Soi Kwan Mueang Temple in Nonthaburi province.
Officers discovered the lifeless physique of a fifty six yr previous man named Sooksak Kirdprang mendacity face down at the front door. He bore greater than 10 stabbing wounds across his body. A 1-metre-long knife was discovered close by his physique.
The murderer, 20 yr old Anan Kirdprang, the victim’s son awaited the arrival of police at the scene. Anan claimed that an argument between him and his father led to his tragic homicide. Anan blamed his father for igniting the stabbing altercation without a cause.
According to Anan, his father returned residence consumed by anger, though the cause remained unknown to him. The slamming of the door created a loud noise that additional fuelled Anan’s fury, resulting in a heated change. Regrettably, the confrontation escalated, and his father resorted to wielding a knife in opposition to him.
In an attempt to defend himself, Anan, too, grabbed a knife, inadvertently inflicting a fatal harm to his father. Additionally, Anan sustained an damage to his proper hand in the course of the tragic stabbing altercation. Suspicions surrounding Anan’s psychological health forged a shadow over the stunning stabbing incident, leaving investigators with a posh case to unravel.
Anan’s older sister, A, insisted that her father had never abused Anan. However, she heard from her mother that their father had never taken any interest in Anan since he was born.
According to A, Anan moved out of the house a very lengthy time in the past and had simply returned residence at the beginning of August. On arrival, he pressured his mother out of her home and began destroying gadgets of furnishings in the house whereas threatening to set the place on hearth.
A revealed that Anan had been arrested up to now and the police urged the household to seek a psychological well being evaluation for him. A, nonetheless, was frightened of him and did not need to become involved, so nobody took Anan for a mental health check. She did not know whether or not Anan used medicine or not.
Anan was escorted to the police station for further questioning and would undergo a analysis of his mental well being as properly..

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