Beijing lady catches subway harasser, awaits police while holding him

A girl in Beijing bravely stood up against a person who sexually harassed her on a subway prepare, grabbing his collar and taking him to the police herself. The South China Morning Post reported that the incident occurred on May 9 on the East Sihui subway station in the Chinese capital.
Initially, the lady tried to evade the person, who continued to relentlessly comply with her. When the prepare arrived at East Sihui station in Beijing, she made the daring choice to seize the perpetrator by the collar, lead him off the train, and alert the authorities. On the station platform, she declared that she would name the police. In response, the distressed man knelt down and pleaded with her, saying, “I’m sorry, please don’t ruin my life.”
Though Accessible felt slightly perplexed by his actions, the Beijing woman refused to let the man go until the police arrived at the scene.
In a latest statement concerning this incident, Beijing authorities urged that people confronted with sexual assault or harassment in public should not hesitate to report it to the police. They additional assured that regulation enforcement will take serious action and severely punish such behaviour.
Following the occasion, the topic of sexual harassment towards women in public locations turned distinguished on Chinese social media platforms.
Many customers expressed help for the woman’s actions, with feedback similar to:
“She did the proper thing! We shouldn’t present mercy to those people.”
“It’s not her who ruined you, it’s your own actions.”

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