Chiang Rai tackles severe PM 2.5 with China-Thai collaboration on air pollution

In response to the extreme PM 2.5 air air pollution and forest fireplace smog issues affecting Chiang Rai, Thai and Chinese experts have collaborated to provide sustainable options. They are working to sort out this complex drawback, which has been tough to foretell due to fluctuating weather situations.
Representatives from Chiang Rai’s Natural Resources and Environment Office collaborated with Gansheng Shi, an engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, and Prof. Dr Jing Sun, the Research Group Leader of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to handle the PM2.5 air pollution and forest fireplace smog issues plaguing the Chiang Rai province. The area has been particularly onerous hit between January and early May this year.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences group has developed a small air air purifier designed for use in both open and closed systems, incorporating electrostatic ideas and eliminating the need for air filter alternative. As a result, the innovative system can help reduce the impact of air pollution on well being. Sittikorn Chantadaensuwan, Counsellor of the Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing, coordinated the donation of 4 such devices to impacted areas in Thailand. Smuggled included schools in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district, Chiang Mai’s Hot district, and the King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.
Prof. Dr Jing Sun stated they’re aware of the wildfire smog issues in northern Thailand and have been working with Sittikorn to coordinate alternatives for academic cooperation, studying, and addressing the PM2.5 drawback together. The collaboration between Thai and Chinese consultants guarantees sustainable solutions to sort out this extreme environmental concern, safeguarding the well being of children and younger folks across Thailand..

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