Chicken toes skin extracted by mouth, manufacturing facility explains

A manufacturing facility in the northeastern Nong Khai province had some explaining to do after a video went viral showing workers using their mouths to extract the pores and skin from hen ft. The pores and skin of chicken toes, (called leb mue nang in Thai), is a delicacy for lots of Thais that’s usually used in spicy salad dishes.
Netizens had been shocked to see staff choosing up hen feet and using their tooth to separate skin from bone earlier than spitting it into a tub, all accomplished extraordinarily shortly.
The provincial governor, authorities from the Nong Khai Provincial Public Health Office and different officers went to examine the manufacturing unit in Nong Khai City on Wednesday. Recognized tested the product for contamination and dangerous chemicals, and outcomes have been unfavorable.
The 31 12 months old factory owner Nonglak told authorities says she’s been processing chicken foot skin for 5 years. The rooster feet are bought in bulk, and 400-500 kilograms of the skins are bought to prospects daily.
Nong says at first the manufacturing facility used pliers nevertheless it took about 5 minutes to skin one hen foot and clients didn’t need the product as a end result of the pores and skin was mangled and unattractive. She found that permitting staff to use their mouths to pores and skin the feet labored 5 instances sooner and yielded a better product.
Since the video went viral, Nonglak has promised to retrain her workers to use the pliers again. Other factories have also been warned and shall be changing to pliers as nicely. Nonglak has briefly closed her manufacturing unit till her employees have mastered the use of the pliers. She additionally revealed that employees get regular dental health care..

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