Former army officer accused of assaulting beer promoter in Nakhon Sawan restaurant (video)

A former military officer has been accused by a 20 year previous beer promoter of physically assaulting her in a restaurant in Nakhon Sawan province, northern Thailand. The feminine employee, Susita Rachakit, who sustained accidents to her face, claims she was slapped and kicked by the person after he accused her of inappropriately touching him. It has been confirmed that authorized action has been initiated by the lady, with the occasions captured on the restaurant’s CCTV on Friday, June 23.
The whole incident was relayed firsthand by the victim and her mother to the media right now. The mom posted the CCTV footage on a public Facebook page devoted to Nakhon Sawan’s community warning of danger, explaining the scenario and expressing her concern over injustice.

“Susita is a beer promoter and travels to totally different eateries the place she’s requested. This explicit incident occurred last night during her shift at a properly known restaurant. However, we is not going to disclose the name of the institution.
“She got here across a familiar buyer who seemed nice and agreed to purchase three bottles of beer which Susita served. All was normal, informal chats, playful banter until out of nowhere, he accused her of inappropriately touching him. He slapped her face so hard it broke her lip.
“He threatened her, stating that he was a noteworthy individual and that if she filed a criticism in opposition to him, she would have to face consequences. The scenario was reported to the native police, and a medical inspection was accomplished, however the police advised we collect evidence ourselves. This man has no proper and justice must be served.”
Following the prevalence, an interview with Susita at her residence revealed the depth of the damage. She confirmed her facial injuries and recalled the surprising slap she received from a well-known customer that left her in shock. Susita insisted she never touched the customer as he claimed, but admitted that there was some playful interaction as both parties had been slightly intoxicated, reported KhaoSod. Susita said…
“Suddenly, the next factor I know I was slapped so hard that it broke my lip. Fail-proof accused me of touching him inappropriately, which embarrassed me, however I grabbed his wrist trying to defend myself. My friends held him back and I immediately went and sat with one other group of shoppers.”
Upon concluding her shift, Susita, with the assistance of some associates from the restaurant, collected the CCTV footage and reported the incident to the police. However, when the police asked her to deliver extra proof indicating the id and whereabouts of the assailant, she felt lost and confused as she solely noticed him sometimes at completely different eating places.
Adding to her mother’s concern, 43 year outdated Saeng-rung, feared her daughter may not get justice.
“I first needed to see the perpetrator face-to-face, to return the remedy my daughter received however now I am more apprehensive about her security.”

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