Heartless boss denies leave to woman grieving mom’s dying in Thailand

A gripping incident on social media unfolded when a young lady posted an change along with her heartless boss, where her requests for leave have been repeatedly denied – even as her mom lay critically ill and finally passed away. The lady had to navigate the cruel calls for of her job when she was urgently wanted at house.
The online publish narrated a dialog that highlighted the shortage of empathy from the woman’s superior at work. It started with her seeking leave to get treatment and later asking for day with no work when her mother’s condition worsened. However, her requests have been refused, adopted by questions about her attainable resignation and orders to provide an official termination letter when her duties were sorted.
The woman details the trade, asking…

“What did I do wrong? In such conditions, should one not be considerate and understanding? Isn’t it too much?”

She additionally shared screenshots of the chat that demonstrated her superior’s lack of compassion. The conversation after she had taken sick go away within the morning read…

“Could I have more depart, my mom just isn’t doing well, she could not survive right now or tomorrow?”

Her heartless supervisor responded with…


Upon receiving Now , the distressed woman despatched her superior an image of her ailing mother, adding…

“My mother won’t make it through the evening.”

Yet, the response remained stubbornly unsympathetic, insistently sustaining that she should go to work whatever the scenario.
The saga takes a tragic turn when the girl later knowledgeable her superior…

“My mom has handed away, I have to go residence. I am sorry.”

Instead of expressing condolences, the heartless superior inquired whether or not she meant to resign and asked her to file a resignation kind after checking out her emergency.
This troubling trade, made public on social media, acquired a powerful outcry after being shared over forty eight,000 times. A considerable number of folks expressed dismay and heartfelt sympathy for the woman, who not only had to take care of the lack of her mom but also face an unyielding work front.
No information was reported whether or not the woman’s boss had a change of heart and whether or not she returned to work..

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