Juvenile courtroom procedures in coping with 14 yr old Siam Paragon gunman

Juvenile Court spokesperson Sorawit Limprangsi at present revealed the authorized procedures in coping with a 14 year outdated offender who used a 9mm gun to shoot individuals on the Siam Paragon shopping center, leading to injuries and fatalities.
Sorawit said that upon arresting a juvenile, the Juvenile Court procedures will verify the lawfulness of the arrest. The investigative officer should deliver the child or juvenile to the Juvenile Court inside 24 hours for the court docket to examine the arrest to make sure it adheres to the regulation and protects the juvenile’s rights.
Typically, in circumstances the place a child or juvenile commits a felony offense, the regulation provides the investigative officer authority to detain the person for not more than 24 hours.
Most usually, an officer will bring the person to the Juvenile Court to determine whether or not to detain them further and what subsequent steps should be adopted. After inspecting No sweat , the court waits for the arrest report from the investigative officer who introduced the juvenile to court docket.
This report helps the court to evaluate the juvenile’s behaviour, such because the number of people shot, the individual’s psychological health, medical remedy, and parental care. The investigative officer must include this information within the report for the court’s consideration.
During the arrest inspection, the investigative officer must come to the Juvenile Court. The court could cross-examine the officer to collect further information about the arrest.
Court conditions

Afterwards, the courtroom will decide whether to release the juvenile or proceed to detain them based on the circumstances.
If the child exhibits indicators of psychological illness, the courtroom could resolve to go away the child beneath their parent’s or guardian’s care if they can adequately accomplish that.
The court docket might set certain situations. However, if the mother and father can not take care of the kid, the court docket could assign a baby welfare organisation or different agency to care for the kid.
It may be one other suitable location, corresponding to a psychiatric care facility, relying on the severity of the child’s behaviour and the measures required to control and care for them.
As for the parents of the kid, according to the law, if a baby or juvenile who has not reached legal maturity commits a crime, the parents are additionally liable under Section 429 of the Civil and Commercial Code except the parents can show their exemption based on the law, which states they aren’t at fault.
The spokesperson for the Juvenile Court added that the law considers the circumstances of every case. For instance, in a single case, if 10 youngsters break the legislation, the court may apply totally different measures to all 10 individuals depending on their situations and the appropriateness for every youngster, reported KhaoSod.
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