Lottery market’s dirty secret exposed: Decades of bribery unveiled

Bribery within the lottery market in Thailand has been prevalent for about 20 years, in accordance with the president of the Thai Lottery Traders Association, Sam-ang Sonklin. He claims the difficulty stems from high prices at the source, which forces sellers to increase their prices. Lifetime face pressure to address the issue, leading to a vicious cycle that impacts each sellers and legislation enforcement officials.
Sam-ang revealed that some cops negotiate month-to-month funds of 500-1,000 baht (US$30) from lottery sellers to keep away from inspections and provide safety. Large-scale sellers could should pay much more – up to 8,000 baht (US$230) per 30 days. He added that the usage of ‘SSK pass’ stickers on lottery tickets is not limited to sure areas but is widespread across Bangkok and surrounding provinces.
Sam-ang noted that officers usually method sellers requesting cooperation and understanding, as either side face important penalties if caught. Nest egg acknowledged that in some areas, extortion ways have been employed. Sellers who cannot afford the payments stand to lose their rights to operate if caught however worry that complaining would result in harsher treatment.
The Thai Lottery Traders Association president urges the Government Lottery Office and related authorities to revise the regulation and pricing structure in order that sellers and shoppers can obtain a good consequence. He also called for motion towards the still-thriving underground lottery market, which does not contribute funds to the state.
Thai lottery lovers are braced for yet another draw tomorrow. The lengths some Thai people go to guess the successful jackpot numbers are obsessive.
In the past few days alone there have been several intriguing lottery stories..

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