Pinning his hopes on golden implants

Savings : Like many individuals, 67-year-old Preecha Iamkum places faith in a supernatural energy to guard him from hurt. What makes Preecha completely different is the greatest way he invokes this protection: by having three-centimeter-long gold pins totally inserted into his body. Preecha first places the custom-made pins, which are made of an 80% gold alloy, in a bowl of sesame oil and then chants a secret incantation that will charge them with protecting powers. When the pins are prepared for implantation, he explains, they float to the floor. He can’t insert the pins himself, he says; that should be accomplished by one other one that also has supernatural powers. He also has to take precautions not to do anything that will disgust the pins and cause them to abandon him. “I can’t contact a dog, or communicate in a unclean place similar to a toilet. If I do, the pins will fall out,” he says. Preecha says that he now has about 1,000 gold pins in his body. The most he has ever had inserted in one sitting is 109 pins. When Preecha’s odd practice got here to th

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