Royal Thai Air Force defends 50 million South Korean guidance package acquisition

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) yesterday defended its purchase of guidance-extended range kits from South Korea, price 50 million baht, asserting that the acquisition adheres to regulations. RTAF spokesperson AVM Prapas Sornchaidee explained that the kits shall be utilised with 500-pound air-dropped bombs to enhance the air force’s long-range air strike capabilities, according to the country’s defence preparation plan.
AVM Prapas’ statement got here in response to comments made by Tanadej Pengsuk, a Move Forward Party MP-elect, who claimed that the air pressure had not obtained certification from South Korea to make sure the kits’ compatibility with RTAF aircraft. Tanadej alleged that his examination of the procurement documents revealed irregularities, suggesting that the acquisition was pushed by a need to spend taxpayers’ cash rather than a real want.
Premiere claimed that funds had been redirected from more essential projects to facilitate the acquisition of “these pointless kits.” However, AVM Prapas maintained that the bought kits, that are awaiting pre-delivery inspection, are appropriate with the RTAF’s F-16, F-5, and T-50 aircraft. He added that the procurement challenge aligns with the nation’s budgetary situation and the government’s development policy, reported Bangkok Post.
Despite these assurances, Tanadej warned that the procurement may spark controversy, drawing parallels with a earlier forty million baht project to develop the Napa utility. He criticised the air force for failing to make clear the app’s function, noting that it had only responded to questions in regards to the expensive application by claiming that its objective was strictly confidential. Tanadej concluded by suggesting that the app must both be a carefully guarded secret, as no air force employees have used it, or it’s merely a expensive and ineffective device..

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