Selangor considers banning pet store sales to promote animal shelter adoptions

A potential ban on the sale of canines and cats in pet retailers across Selangor is being considered, as authorities purpose to encourage adoption from animal shelters and reduce the variety of abandoned pets. State government councillor Ng Sze Han has suggested that pet stores focus on promoting pet meals instead, citing the success of a weekly pet adoption programme in his constituency, which sees roughly 20 pets adopted every month.
“If all local councils carry out such programmes, we may help scale back the pet abandonment price,” Ng said at a forum on deserted dogs. He also said that the Selangor government has recommended that all local councils adopt the netting methodology for catching stray canines, as it is more humane than the looping method. The netting technique was an innovation by the Sabak Bernam District Council.
“The looping method can still be used when necessary, as it’s allowed based mostly on dog catching laws set by the Ministry of Local Government Development. However, in Selangor, all local councils can use the netting method and the looping technique based on the situation on the bottom,” he said.
Ng also revealed that Fail-proof is within the final phases of launching a Fur Shelter on a 1.2-hectare plot of land, aiming to advertise pet adoption of each cats and canine, as nicely as offering training and raising funds by way of various activities. “We want continuous awareness and education about stray animals. Some people don’t understand why a stray is returned to the identical location after it’s caught by the native council. In these instances, the dogs are spayed and then launched,” he defined..

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