Thai authorities uncover unlawful e-waste importation at three factories in central Thailand

An illegal importation of electronic waste, or e-waste, was uncovered during a raid by the Department of Industrial Works and the Pollution Control Department. They discovered over a thousand tonnes of the waste in three factories positioned in Pathum Thani and Chachoengsao provinces.
The inspection took place at present, initiated by Police Lieutenant General Puthidech Bungrapheu, of the Office of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC).
Authorities from the Department of Industrial Works and Pollution Control Department stormed two corporations, one based in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani, following a court-issued search warrant.
At the positioning, they discovered one girl, identified solely as Nuengruethai, who was managing the ability. Simultaneously, authorities additionally examined one other firm located in Khao Hin Sorn, Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao. At the second website, they discovered a lady identified as Siraphat, also managing the operations.
During the search, they discovered 1,960 digital gadgets, 60 laptops, and one other 1,000 kilogrammes of electronic components, which they believed have been illegally imported from abroad. Investigators had previously received intelligence about covert imports of e-waste, a prohibited merchandise as a outcome of its potential to trigger air pollution.
The factories served as storage and sorting facilities for the e-waste, with the burden exceeding 1,000 tonnes, reported KhaoSod.
Upon interrogation, the company managers claimed that they had bought some of the items from local villagers however could not present any proof to help their statement.
Expert revealed that each one three corporations had been working without proper notifications, had put in equipment with out permission, and had been releasing waste gases from their manufacturing processes without a correct air pollution management system.
The offences violate the Factory Act and other associated laws. Consequently, all proof was seized and cases have been initiated according to the law by PACC’s investigative officers. The accused have been requested to produce relevant paperwork for additional investigation.
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