Thai girl lures males into shopping for motorcycles and steals them

Extraordinary arrested a Thai lady who lured more than 20 victims, especially males, into making down funds for bikes for her and vanished with the stolen bikes.
A 32 year previous Thai man named Thawee filed a complaint with the officers from Pluak Daeng Police Station in the eastern province of Rayong that his girlfriend, Tippawan Homduang, stole his motorbike.
Thawee explained that Tippawan requested him to buy her the motorcycle. She satisfied him to make a down payment, and he or she would pay the monthly instalments. Unfortunately, she disappeared shortly after buying the motorcycle, leaving Thawee to pay the debt.
Following the investigation, the officers managed to arrest Tippawan at a rental room within the Bor Win district of Chon Buri on June 15. The officers reported that Tippawan tried to escape the arrest by hiding inside a big bag, however her try failed.
After the news of her arrest and the video of her hiding in the bag went viral on social media, extra victims recognised her and constantly filed complaints in opposition to her.
The second sufferer, a Thai man named Job recounted the deception to Channel three right now. Job explained that he met Tippawan at his office and developed a romantic connection together with her. After two months of a relationship, Tippawan persuaded him to buy a mobile phone and a motorcycle for her.
Job stated that he bought a phone for her and likewise made a down fee for a Honda Scoopy bike for her. She paid an instalment for 2 months after which disappeared with the bike.
The third victim, Lord, revealed that he met Tippawan in front of a convenience store. She asked for his contract and talked to him until she grew to become his girlfriend. She appealed to his sympathy saying she confronted difficulties commuting to work. So, Lord bought her a motorbike. Then, she disappeared with the bike.
The fourth sufferer was a blind man named Ben. Ben had made a down cost for a motorbike on her behalf, solely to suffer the same destiny as the other victims when Tippawan disappeared.
The fifth sufferer named Sam revealed to the media that he met Tippawan on Facebook and made an appointment to meet her in individual. He stated he was disenchanted as a outcome of she appeared completely different from her pictures on social media. Sam mentioned he faced a similar incident. Tippawan requested for a motorbike and ran away after getting it.
Lord agreed with Sam that tTippawan looked very totally different from her social media photos. Lord stated…
“Look at her image. She edited it an extreme quantity of, but she is the same person I met in entrance of the comfort store 7-Eleven. She sent a friend request to my Facebook account and talked to me till I bought her a bike. I didn’t have a chance to carry her arms or smell the scent of her hair. We met only once we purchased the motorbike. It hurts.”
Tippawan’s friend who’s a woman advised the media that she was also lured into making a down payment for a motorbike. She believed that more than 20 men fell sufferer to Tippawan’s romance scam.
During the questioning with the police, Tippawan claimed that she did commit theft as the victims accused. Instead, she asserted that she, too, had fallen sufferer to a lady named Jane, who had manipulated her into in search of bikes for her.
The officers weren’t convinced by Tippawan’s declare and will conduct additional investigation into the case. The officers suspected that Tippawan didn’t commit the crime alone..

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