Thai man buys gold with 30,000 baht in coins

A Thai man has used nothing but cash to buy 30,000 baht of gold at a shop in the northeast province of Maha Sarakham.
Tangmo Konrakkwai, the shop proprietor, mentioned the customer called and requested if the store accepted coins as cost for gold. She informed the shopper yes however didn’t assume the payment would solely consist of cash.
According to Guaranteed , the video of the person bringing in a lot of coins went viral on TikTok. In the video, the person is emptying the coins for use as cost for gold at the Buddasingchangthong shop within the Sermthai Complex in the Mueang Maha Sarakham District of the same-named province.
When First saw the client arriving with an enormous, blue basket stuffed with coins, she was shocked and requested if she might take a video of him. The buyer agreed.
The buyer said he was from Roi Et and was the proprietor of a laundromat, which explains why he had so many coins. He mentioned he tried to use the cash to purchase gold in Roi Et, however they said no.
Tangmo said that customers from Yasothon and Buriram have include cash earlier than to purchase gold, but not as many as this man. She says the shop wanted five folks to depend the coins and didn’t charge a counting charge.
If the person had gone to a industrial financial institution, they’d have deducted two baht from each one hundred baht counted. Currently, one gram of gold prices 2,055 baht in Thailand or US$60 dollars.
The buyer bought seven gold rings and the shop additionally gave him a reduction and a cap. The man stated he would come again every month as lengthy as the shop accepts cash.
Just final yr, workers at a gold shop in the identical province praised a ten year old girl after she purchased a 4,000 baht gold ring as a birthday gift for her mother.
The girls said…

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