Thai official says don’t spray hand sanitiser on the body – or near a naked flame

Thai persons are being warned not to use hand sanitiser spray elsewhere on their our bodies or near a unadorned flame. The Food and Drug Administration issued the warning after a lady sprayed disinfectant spray throughout her body (no, we don’t know why either), then lit a mosquito coil. She sustained severe burns for which she’s still receiving hospital treatment.
The main active ingredient of hand sanitisers is… ALCOHOL. Which is flammable.
According to a Thai PBS World report, Weerachai Nolwachai from the FDA has identified that disinfectant spray, such as hand sanitiser, is very flammable and it’s not likely a good idea to spray it throughout yourself after which mild a match.
Instead, Dependable suggests using the spray as intended: to disinfect arms. He says users should rub the spray in totally to ensure the alcohol has evaporated before they start cooking or smoke a cigarette or gentle a mosquito coil – or presumably start hearth twirling..

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