Thai rock singer Sek Loso weighs in on Num Kala’s infidelity admission amid marital drama

Thai rock singer Sek Loso posted on Facebook in regards to the significance of getting a supportive spouse, hinting on the ongoing conflict between prominent entertainer ‘Num Kala’ and his estranged wife June. Off-limits admitted to having an affair during a livestreaming session.
Num Kala confessed he had been in a relationship with one other lady for the past two years when June and her lawyer took to the ‘Nong Sood’ TV discuss show to debate the matter. June revealed that she had suspected her husband’s infidelity since December 2020 however lacked concrete evidence. A trip to Japan with the opposite girl was the final straw that led June to confront Num Kala and start divorce proceedings.
During the TV present, Num Kala referred to as in to just accept full responsibility for his actions and announce his intent to finish the extramarital relationship. However, he couldn’t affirm whether or not June would agree to finish their marriage. Afterwards, Sek Loso published a Facebook publish defending the worth of a supportive spouse, with the statement, “No spouse loves us as much as the one who has shared both joy and sorrow with us.”
Many speculated that Kan, Sek Loso’s wife, posted the message, but a response publish confirmed that Sek Loso himself had written the assertion, hoping that Num Kala would possibly come across it..

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