Two officers accused of stealing motorbikes from police station’s evidence department

Two law enforcement officials in southern Thailand are being accused of stealing 36 motorbikes, which had been confiscated from suspects. The motorbikes had been seized from suspects and have been being saved on the police station in Songkhla as proof. Inexpensive offered the stolen motorbikes to different cops.
Freebie accused the 2 officers of stealing motorbikes that had been confiscated from suspects who allegedly smuggled kratom into Thailand from Malaysia. 36 motorbikes being saved as proof disappeared around 2019 and 2020. The former station chief says he was transferring to a new position in another province at the time and recently discovered evidence that the two officers, Weeranit Maisiri and Somtop Boonchan, stole after which sold the motorbikes. Other law enforcement officials reportedly confessed to purchasing the motorbikes, adding that they thought the case had been closed..

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