Unusual tree brings luck seekers, sparks lottery frenzy in Thai village

An unusual Sisal tree bearing an uncanny resemblance to a mythical Naga snake has drawn crowds of individuals to the residence of an 89 yr old woman in Non Malai village in Thailand’s northeast Buriram province. Villagers believe the tree brings fortune. They flocked to pay respects and search lucky lottery numbers from the peculiar tree in entrance of the outdated woman’s house.
Ready outdated tree is located in entrance of home number eighty two in Non Malai village. Nothing to it has attracted both residents of the community and enterprising lottery ticket sellers. Villagers have been trying their luck with lottery numbers derived from the tree. The home quantity and the number 57 are visible on the tree resembling the Naga. The home-owner, Pun Domthaisong, explained that her deceased daughter-in-law planted the tree, generally believed to convey wealth and fortune.
On May 28, the bizarre look of the tree was first discovered, coinciding with a Buddhist Holy Day. Villagers had been excited as they hadn’t seen anything prefer it before. As more individuals gathered, a curious incident occurred with an aunt who gave the impression to be possessed by a spirit or an unknown force. She cried, shook, and screamed, pleading with the villagers to organize five offerings. She additionally mentioned that their ancestors had appeared..

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